My Birthday Pawty!

I actually couldn't believe it... My human organised for all the winners of my prize draw to throw me a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PAWTY!

I mean, I knew that I was having a party with all of my friends, but I had no idea that it would be a surprise one. 

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I came home from my walkies and suddenly everyone jumped out from their hiding places and shouted "Happy Birthday Juni!" I literally jumped right out of my fur... it was pawesome.

I felt a bit guilty because my birthday was a whole month ago now, but my human promised me a party because I've never had one before. It was so much fun... let me tell you all about it.

First of all, can I just say, and I think that all of my guests will agree, the birthday buffet was spot on. Quinn and Bronte were in charge of serving up the nosh. They ate a fair bit between them, but there was plenty to go around and everyone fully indulged, so a big thanks to my human for going all out, love you.

I was the best hostess and made sure that everyone got to enjoy one of my special celebration puptails. We had "Tennis balls on the beach", "Pina Collar-da", "Long-nose Iced Tea", and "Doggopolitans"... so yummy!

There was also a bottomless supply of Pawsecco... Go Winston... glug glug glug!

We took lots of party pawtraits... Molly and Phineas sure know how to work it!

I even got presents... Thanks Houdini! You looked so cute in your party hat.

And then we had the best party disco and I danced all night long with Minnie, who is the best dancer I have EVER seen!

At the end of the party, we found sleepy Whizz passed out on the couch, and Katy was scoffing the last of the birthday cake!

Thank you to everyone for helping me to extend my birthday celebration for as long as possible. I hope you all had a fab time at my first ever birthday pawty! Same again next year?

Lots of love and licks to you guys,

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